Friday, December 31, 2010

Being creative for them.

Tonight the kids just seemed itching for something fun or entertaining. I got that because they were running around the living room with a jump rope and an empty bucket in circles.

I got this idea to make them a fort so I went to the storage and got the sides of Ally’s old crib and set them up in the kitchen around the table. I then got some Christmas lights that blink different ways and put them on top and threw blankets over the top to cover it all.

Well they turned the lights off and climbed right in and they love it. They have been going in and out and playing different games too.  They have also been in there just laughing like crazy and I don’t even know at what.

When they first got in, Peter went in too and they didn’t want him in there so I had to keep calling him out but he would go right back in, I thought it was funny.

I just love it when they play so good together! Makes me feel good that they are close and able to play together.  I hope this is one of those times they remember when they get older!  12-31-110 at the park 103

Friday, October 1, 2010

a special story and achievement

Gavin, Started school in September and has been doing wonderful!!! I have no issues with him and school at all.  He has been coming home with stickers and prizes all week it seems like.

One day he came home with stamps on his arms, I asked him what were they from and he told me he was good. Well playing around with him I asked him what he did, did he throw sand? He said no mommy I was good, I hugged someone that was sad.  I was already very pleased, I asked him why the kid was sad? He told me it was because no one would play with him, so he went and gave him a hug and told the kid that he would play with him.  Awwww, I know I was one proud mother and had some happy tears!!! 

I have to say that boy is very special and cares very much about others even though he may not always show it.  So that is my special story from Gavin!!! 


Ally, I have been trying but not really trying to potty train her for the past year I guess. I wasn’t very consistent with her though, she just didn’t really pee all that much maybe 3 times a day if that.  So yeah I wasn’t good is that it boils down too.

So last Friday when we got home Ally was complaining about her booty itching from the diaper.  So I put panties on her and told her that she needed to make sure she peeped in the potty (not expecting her too), well 30 minutes later she comes running to me out back and said mommy I did it!!! I pooped in the potty, so I went in the bathroom and sure enough she did she went to the bathroom in the potty!! I was so excited and jumped up and down, she was so excited too! Well it is now a week later and I don’t have to use diapers on her at all now!!! I am so happy that I do not have to use or buy diapers anymore! So my kids I must say are amazing and I am very proud of them!!! 

 2010 09 04_State Fair_0058

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Another one from Gavin………..?????

Well, we have seen some of Gavin’s creativeness before with the dead Lego man and bath colors. Well I got him paints for school but turns out they are the wrong ones so I let him use them now, so he was excited and got out is big coloring pages and picked a Thomas one! Well I look over and he had Thomas painted a little blue…ok that’s good, then he had the tracks painted in sections with RED?? hmm??? He asked me if I knew why he painted red, and I said no, then he was like its blood.  I was like Gavin why does it have to be death and he said… get ready for this one….its a new Thomas called “Thomas Mystery of who Killed the Dad?” and he even said starring Thomas and Spencer.  I am not quiet sure how to react with this one???  Oh Gavin…

gavin painting 001    gavin painting 003  gavin painting 005

Monday, July 19, 2010

He is too cool now!!!

Well this is the bike that Gavin got for Christmas from his dad!! 

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Life’s a Box!!!!

Awww, the simple things in life!  So Paul got a brand new grill and boy did it come in a huge box, so his idea after we took the grill out was that Gavin would love that!!  He couldn’t have been more right!  Nana brought it over yesterday and its been a hit with both Gavin and Ally!  The pictures speak for themselves!!!!


There is a picture where Gavin is writing his name and his sisters on the box and that was his idea, made me smile and feel so proud all he needed was me to tell him the letters to spell his sisters name. So they had a blast decorating it too!!!!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Morbid or Normal or just Gavin being Gavin???

I am sure all you moms/parents have heard or seen, maybe even used those color tabs for the bath water when your kids take baths.  They change the color of the water, you have blue, red and yellow.  Let me just see what you think of what my wonderful, creative son does with them. 

When he has used up all the blue ones to make normal sea looking water, he must use his imagination for the other colors left.  He went with red and he gets them in the tub for a little bit and then asked me for a Lego man, I got him one with a little raft looking piece to go with him.  After spending time with Nana Tuesday night he has discovered Audrey from the Little Shop Of Horrors.  So after a few minutes of the color tab in the water its all fizzy and soft…when you use red and take it back out when its like that it makes for a perfect bloody death scene for Gavin. 

ohh Gavin 003   ohh Gavin 005

The Lego man died tonight by the large Venus Fly Trap looking monster (mom he had to pretend b/c the paper pictures wont make it in the tub).


Now, I think if it had been a death scene where the man died by murder I would be a little worried, but this didn’t get acted out just made the death scene by monster and I have to say that I am not worried b/c this is Gavin just being creative and has no issues with violence or anything else.  He is creative and I am proud.   Like I always say, “ Ohh, Gavin! “.     


Sunday, June 27, 2010

Oh what summer fun!!!!!

It’s that time of the year, and where is Gavin?  Oh that’s right he has friends all around the block and has almost no time for mommy….that’s right he is 6 and already ditched his mom…lol.  He is riding on his bike with no training wheels and why not gets him to all his friends houses faster.  I am proud of him though and he is a good friend. 

summer time 001

We have set the pool up and started pool time. Gavin is one fish and super creative when it some to playing in the pool.  Ally…well she is cute as a button and kinda just stands in one place in the pool.. I think she needs more time to get wild like her bubba.  She did like her Barbie tale in the pool…aka mermaid. 

summer time 007

So now that summer is here I have really enjoyed them and today we went to the park, had lunch and then came home set a little bit of a bigger pool up (one that mommy can sit in too) and it was 7pm and Gavin was still in the pool.  Well cant wait for more summer fun, like the water parks and high school pool, plus I am thinking about signing Gavin up for swimming lessons so next year maybe the swim team.  Ally I think can start Head Start this year..found that out.  So lots to come….. 

summer time 009

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Breaking my own Rules!!!!

We all have done it and don’t try and say you haven’t, that would be when our kids are just so darn cute that whatever they are doing that they aren’t exactly supposed to be doing that we either let it slide or just break our own rules and let them do something that we wouldn’t have any other time. 

taytay and ally 322

Tonight Ms. Ally had gone to bed and was, of course watching Flushed Away.  She was laying in my bed when I put her to bed and watching her movie, later she called me in there and when I went she had gotten a few of her barbies out and put them in her bed and covered them up and said they were “sweeping”, that was already pretty cute but I hadn’t let my rules slip yet.  So then a little later she called me in there again and well, she had gotten a few more barbies out and was sitting in my bed playing with them and it was just so cute b/c she knew she wasn’t supposed to have them yet she looks up at me with that little grin she does and was said “I so happy”, and how could I break her little sprit? So with that I broke my rules and let you get up and play after she was already in bed.

taytay and ally 321

But I had so much fun with her, she played barbies for a little bit on the couch watching Toy Story and then she went and got her tea set and made me cookies and coffee and I enjoyed the alone time with just her and I because Gavin was already in bed asleep.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Happy Birthday Diapers!

OMG….just when I was done publishing my last post I am sitting in here with the kids, when all of a sudden I see diapers flying in the air.  Gavin thought it was a good idea to throw the diapers about the living room.  So naturally Ally thinks whatever her bubba does is that best thing ever and joins in the fun.  Now Ally has a thing for birthdays and thinks that the diapers are like birthday confetti, so she starts saying “happy birthday diapers”', and well Gavin thought that was just funny as ever and made the game all the more entertaining!!! 
kids diaper fun 029     kids diaper fun 032
Well, I let them have there fun, just told them that they needed to pick up the diapers and put them in the drawer they go in.  I am pretty sure they new where they went but decided there was a better spot for the diapers.  Now as you can see below where they ended up and I can tell you that Ally cant reach that high.  Not sure what Gavin’s reason was for sticking them here but he did.  Oh my goodness, times like this I say “how can you only have one'”, They brighten the day that for sure.
kids diaper fun 037

Just a few things this morning!!

So I was kitchen with Ally and she was talking to me and about to ask me for something, when she turned and saw that coffee bag of coffee beans and the ….Grinder!!  Soon as she saw that she bolted out saying I scared, I scared.  HaHa…wonder if that will work for when I am cooking dinner and she is in there pulling and whinnying at me for a snack, just get the grinder out!!!! 

ally and gavin

So a little bit later I hear Gavin in his room with Ally, now last night Gavin was watching a Russian train movie on you tube and loved it.  So this morning he was watching it again and Ally had retreated to the his room when the grinder came out.  Now part of this movie plays some sad dramatic music, so guess Ally had gotten into it and was saying “oh his brodder, oh no, he sad”, if you know Gavin he is all about what is right.  So he insisted on correcting her every time, “no Ally they are friends, not his brother”, he got rather annoyed that Ally was not taking to it…to her they were brothers.  The two of them are rather funny together, Ally loves her bubba..follows him around. 


Thursday, May 27, 2010

Oh, Ally!!

That is Ally working!!! She had her yogurt and laptop and said "shhh", she is working!!!

She also has her own fashion, she calls this skirt the big skirt and she wants to wear it every day.
If I try and put anything else on her she get upset. She also want to pick her own shirts and PJs too. Plus most of the stuff has to be sparkly, oh my girls are much
More complicated than boys, Gavin didn't care till this year and Ally is 2 and Gavin is 6.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Let’s have a bowl!!

Decided to take the kids bowling last weekend, my mom and Taytay went too. I must say they were so good and well behaved! Now they each had their very unique style or way to bowl it was very interesting.

Now with Gavin I am not quite sure what he liked the most, knocking down the pins, watching the ball roll ever so slowly on the ramp till it reached the slop then cascaded down to its doom, or the balls coming back up the ball shoot thing, or it could have been when he got all the balls moving around in the ball holder place???? So many choices for him. When he would push the ball and watch it roll very slowly on the ramp he would get right next to it at eye level hands just a flapping with that fixated look on his face….just so neat to watch him enjoy every single part of bowling and each in a different way, no wonder he is overwhelmed at times. I would be too if I was like that.    
Ohh Ally, what a hoot! She also really enjoyed bowling, and was very well behaved. She would go behind the counter and sit at the bar with her sprite until her turn, then when it was she'd hop down and then make sure she jumped down each step to the bowling area (she really likes to jump down steps right now) and run over and first she pushed the ball down the ramp normally then she used just her two little fingers, and then she decided to use her face, yes that's right she would push her face on the ball and then use it to push it down the ramp! I would have never thought to use my face.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Way to go Miss Ally!!!

As I am sitting with Ally in the living room, she is having ice cream and I'm filling out papers and talking to her. Then she hopes up and goes in the kitchen and says "I am going to hide", ohh and I knew exactly what she was going to do while she was hiding. I said "Ally you want to go poppy in your potty?" Ally was like "no! I am going to hide", then I said "Ally want to hide your potty and go poppy?" What do you know, it worked she was like ok. So I hid the potty in her room and she sat down and little miss Princess Ally popped and peed in the potty for the first time! I was so excited! She seemed pretty proud too, that is until she got off the potty and saw, she was totally grossed out. She kept repeating it over and over "yuck, that's gross, eww mommy, yuck", it was so funny. So yeah Miss Ally Princess must not see her poop…that is forbidden.