Thursday, May 5, 2011

They always make life more interesting and funny!!!

So with everything going on in our lives right now I haven’t spent as much time with them as I want to. So the other day I said lets take a walk.

It was 7 a little late so I told them it would be a short walk, yeah right never is. We took Gavin’s way which is always the train tracks that take you down to the old mill. We got to talk about whatever and I asked them what they liked about going to GA and what they didn’t like about going.

Easter 2011 031

Ally’s response to what she liked about going to GA was Georgia Georgia that’s all she said.

Gavin said he liked to live on an Army base with all the army stuff. His response for what he didn’t like was that he would miss everyone here.

Now when I asked Ally what she didn’t like about going to GA she looked at me with a serious face and said “I don’t like Predators,” she spends a lot of time with her brother.

Easter 2011 019

While walking down the tracks Gavin said “I miss the old days.” Now I was thinking he was talking about when he was younger or when the weather was better and we took walks all the time, but no that’s not what he meant. I asked him what old days. He said “1918, when they made steam locomotives,” I think Gary said it well when I told him about it, its like Gavin has been around for a very long time!