Sunday, March 27, 2011

Gavin is so cool!!!

First off I want to inform everyone that I am in the process of redoing the kids blog but its more of a challenge than anticipated so forgive me for its lack of creativity!!

Now for Gavin, I think his last big interest/obsession we were on tornados. Well now its the game AREA 51! He watching his friends dad play it and there are story parts in there he likes. Well leave it to Gavin and his YouTube obsession to come home and find tons of videos of the story parts and watch them so much his little sister knows their names, like Crispy. So he is in there watching fighting game play videos as he plays along with toys that look like them, or he watches and then comes plays out what he watches kind of. Some may say this is bad but to me I like waiting for his next big thing, he never forgets his other they are still very much a part he is only adding to his collection of odd interests.

I am gonna let you enjoy the video he just loved and watched before having to take a bath!! He was just into it!!