Saturday, October 29, 2011

Ally Life with a Diva!!

Let’s see, where to start with Miss Ally? For the life of me I can’t figure out why I am having a difficult time deciding what to write about her. I mean come on its Ally!! Also known as Princess, Diva, Miss Attitude, and Beautiful!!

Ally did get to start Pre-K, and she loves it. I like hearing about her days because she tells me so much and about the other kids in her class. Its funny she knows all their names and its almost like waiting to her what gossip she has for me each day. She is very smart and learns a lot at pre-k, everyone said she would do good in school and she does.

She is singing and dancing better all the time, I need to get her in some dance classes and soon!!

003       Ally's first day home from school 004

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Update on The Gavinator

I have been so behind in writing about the kids and for that I am sorry. I do have a new goal to make sure I start writing about them often and keeping it up to date!!

Let’s see, Gavin still has the same likes as before but as you know he will always add to them. So thought I would list a few of the new ones he has.

Any Zombie Game                         Army stuff

thumbnail         can-of-whoopass

Army Guns!!


Gavin is in first grade and he may have had a rough start but he has greatly improved in the last 2 months and even on the honor roll!! Everyone is so proud of him, he even got awards too!! I my be him mom and we moms like to always think the best of our kids and its true but its more a face that Gavin is very smart! Reading is not his best area but he is still getting an A, and math is his best, he will even help others!!

kids and awards 066

Now if you have ever been around Gavin you know he is guaranteed to say something amusing! 

One of the times we had met Ronnie at the Marathon gas station in Macon for them to go with him for the weekend. We were standing outside together all of us and Gavin sees the Hooters sign behind the station and says with excitement “ the donut place”, of all the place to think would have it was very amusing.

The most recent one and funniest to me was when our friends were here the Crawford’s with their two boys Caleb and baby Jenson. Well Jenson had Ally’s Arial doll and was hitting it on the coffee table. Gavin came out and asked Amanda what he was doing and she said “ he’s just playing with Arial”, and I quote Gavin says “ at least he is banging her on the table!!” He was of course very serious when he said it but to us his choice of words just made it epically funny!!

Well that’s if for Gavin now, more to come!!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Never afraid to ask a question!! Or embarrass her mother!!


Saturday we decide to have some company come over, another army couple with their two boys. The husband Crawford is in the same company as Gary is and his wife and I get along great!

I walk in the living room where Crawford is playing with his son Caleb on the floor with Gavin’s old Thomas trains just in time to hear Ally ask Crawford if he has a winky ? Yes I am not kidding she really asked him that and waited for the answer! Crawford replies “I will let your mommy answer that one” So there I am speechless about this and I have to explain what girls and boys have and that we don’t ask them what they have. Good thing Crawford was quiet amused by this, I don’t think anything can prepare you are the stuff your kids will say or do or ASK in front of company! Just thought I would share this funny with you and will be one to read her later in life~

Thursday, May 5, 2011

They always make life more interesting and funny!!!

So with everything going on in our lives right now I haven’t spent as much time with them as I want to. So the other day I said lets take a walk.

It was 7 a little late so I told them it would be a short walk, yeah right never is. We took Gavin’s way which is always the train tracks that take you down to the old mill. We got to talk about whatever and I asked them what they liked about going to GA and what they didn’t like about going.

Easter 2011 031

Ally’s response to what she liked about going to GA was Georgia Georgia that’s all she said.

Gavin said he liked to live on an Army base with all the army stuff. His response for what he didn’t like was that he would miss everyone here.

Now when I asked Ally what she didn’t like about going to GA she looked at me with a serious face and said “I don’t like Predators,” she spends a lot of time with her brother.

Easter 2011 019

While walking down the tracks Gavin said “I miss the old days.” Now I was thinking he was talking about when he was younger or when the weather was better and we took walks all the time, but no that’s not what he meant. I asked him what old days. He said “1918, when they made steam locomotives,” I think Gary said it well when I told him about it, its like Gavin has been around for a very long time!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Gavin is so cool!!!

First off I want to inform everyone that I am in the process of redoing the kids blog but its more of a challenge than anticipated so forgive me for its lack of creativity!!

Now for Gavin, I think his last big interest/obsession we were on tornados. Well now its the game AREA 51! He watching his friends dad play it and there are story parts in there he likes. Well leave it to Gavin and his YouTube obsession to come home and find tons of videos of the story parts and watch them so much his little sister knows their names, like Crispy. So he is in there watching fighting game play videos as he plays along with toys that look like them, or he watches and then comes plays out what he watches kind of. Some may say this is bad but to me I like waiting for his next big thing, he never forgets his other they are still very much a part he is only adding to his collection of odd interests.

I am gonna let you enjoy the video he just loved and watched before having to take a bath!! He was just into it!!


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My kids say the funniest things!!!

Ok, I think kids say some of the funniest things, as well as some rude stuff because they have no tact.  I have been meaning to write about the kids for awhile now and here recently they have both said some amusing things and I want to share and remember. 

So Gavin, he for the past few months has been really into Veggie Tales. For those of you that don’t know what that is its a show about the talking vegetables and they teach about the Lord and stories from the bible. Its got humor in it and for kids. So the night in the tub I hear Gavin singing a song. “ A msg to the Lord”, that is what he is singing over and over in the bathroom.  Then later he tales me that God loves me and we are all special.  I walked out thinking omg, my son is brain washed by Veggie Tales and he now knows more about God and the bible then me.

2-5-2011 004 

Now the other day, again in the tub I was helping him was his hair and I had just rinsed it and he looks at me and said with a straight face, “ Mommy please don’t take a sleeping pill.” I of course thought this was funny and started laughing and asked him where he heard that. He said he didn’t know.  Didn’t take me long to realize it came from the movie Small Soldiers, in that movie we watched couple night earlier the bad soldier toys put sleeping pills in the parents drinks to make them sleep and I was telling Gavin that’s what it was. So I am assuming it was from that. I swear though it was so funny. 

Now my little Ally. Well she is a hoot and so fun to talk to when she doesn’t have that attitude. I love asking her about her day at Myrna’s she will tell me all what happened too. Tells me all what those bad boys do and how Myrna handles it and she tells it like it is and talks like big girl I love it! 

12-31-110 at the park 045

So the other night I was watching the boys and I had to use the restroom to pee, and Ally came in said she had to as well, I told her to shut the door the boys didn’t need to see my whoohaa ( that is what we call our girl part). She looked at me with that cross face and said “you don’t have a whoohaaa, only girls do” I said yes I do Ally. She again told me I didn’t that she did and I was a mommy, I don’t have one. I asked her what I had then, and she told me that I had a butty! I said Ally I have a whoohaa and a butty like her and she just couldn’t accept that and her her I only had a butty and she has a whoohaa. It was one of those conversations that I smiled but didn’t laugh until it was over. I loved it though. 

So yeah my kids are so funny!!!!!  They really make me laugh and smile everyday! 

Sunday, January 2, 2011

They are so interesting children, never a dull moment

If you know anything about Gavin, or spend a day with him you will understand why I say he was born before his time. Things he wanted and did get for Christmas, a Terminator action figure, and a predator action figure and he liked that movie before the new one came out. He is a fan of Ghostbusters as well and wants those action figures but they are hard to get and if you do find them they are very pricy. He watched Gumby “1957”, the older Godzilla movies “1957” ,Tremors “1990”, and tons of old sci-fi films no matter if they are in black and white either.

gavin preditor

His new discovery is Robocop, yeah that was made in 1987. He has watched 1 and 3 so far (not sure why he skipped 2). When he wants a toy 95% of the time it is not sold in stores anymore you have to look on Amazon or EBay. I am not complaining about him I think its amazing and he is very interesting. He likes the old train documentaries that have such old footage it has the lines in it and they use that guy with the mono tone voice that puts me to sleep. He will watch it and repeat parts the whole time. He also loves shows like Untamed and uncut, Mythbusters, Modern Marvels, and the History channel. I think he is the coolest to watch t.v with and love that he is not like all other kids watching SpongeBob and crap all the time.

2010 12 25_0223

Gavin is one very awesome boy and has so many areas of interest and skills who knows what he will grow up to do.

Gavin’s funny statement for the month: He says “ mommy?, do you think that what happen to the dinosaurs was a judgment day?” that came out of nowhere one night when I was tucking him in for bed.