Friday, October 1, 2010

a special story and achievement

Gavin, Started school in September and has been doing wonderful!!! I have no issues with him and school at all.  He has been coming home with stickers and prizes all week it seems like.

One day he came home with stamps on his arms, I asked him what were they from and he told me he was good. Well playing around with him I asked him what he did, did he throw sand? He said no mommy I was good, I hugged someone that was sad.  I was already very pleased, I asked him why the kid was sad? He told me it was because no one would play with him, so he went and gave him a hug and told the kid that he would play with him.  Awwww, I know I was one proud mother and had some happy tears!!! 

I have to say that boy is very special and cares very much about others even though he may not always show it.  So that is my special story from Gavin!!! 


Ally, I have been trying but not really trying to potty train her for the past year I guess. I wasn’t very consistent with her though, she just didn’t really pee all that much maybe 3 times a day if that.  So yeah I wasn’t good is that it boils down too.

So last Friday when we got home Ally was complaining about her booty itching from the diaper.  So I put panties on her and told her that she needed to make sure she peeped in the potty (not expecting her too), well 30 minutes later she comes running to me out back and said mommy I did it!!! I pooped in the potty, so I went in the bathroom and sure enough she did she went to the bathroom in the potty!! I was so excited and jumped up and down, she was so excited too! Well it is now a week later and I don’t have to use diapers on her at all now!!! I am so happy that I do not have to use or buy diapers anymore! So my kids I must say are amazing and I am very proud of them!!! 

 2010 09 04_State Fair_0058