Sunday, January 2, 2011

They are so interesting children, never a dull moment

If you know anything about Gavin, or spend a day with him you will understand why I say he was born before his time. Things he wanted and did get for Christmas, a Terminator action figure, and a predator action figure and he liked that movie before the new one came out. He is a fan of Ghostbusters as well and wants those action figures but they are hard to get and if you do find them they are very pricy. He watched Gumby “1957”, the older Godzilla movies “1957” ,Tremors “1990”, and tons of old sci-fi films no matter if they are in black and white either.

gavin preditor

His new discovery is Robocop, yeah that was made in 1987. He has watched 1 and 3 so far (not sure why he skipped 2). When he wants a toy 95% of the time it is not sold in stores anymore you have to look on Amazon or EBay. I am not complaining about him I think its amazing and he is very interesting. He likes the old train documentaries that have such old footage it has the lines in it and they use that guy with the mono tone voice that puts me to sleep. He will watch it and repeat parts the whole time. He also loves shows like Untamed and uncut, Mythbusters, Modern Marvels, and the History channel. I think he is the coolest to watch t.v with and love that he is not like all other kids watching SpongeBob and crap all the time.

2010 12 25_0223

Gavin is one very awesome boy and has so many areas of interest and skills who knows what he will grow up to do.

Gavin’s funny statement for the month: He says “ mommy?, do you think that what happen to the dinosaurs was a judgment day?” that came out of nowhere one night when I was tucking him in for bed.


Saturday, January 1, 2011

Miss Ally!! 3 going on 30.


So I want to catch you up on Miss Ally seeing as it’s been awhile since I have blogged about either of them.

Just incase you didn’t know why Ally is called miss Ally and why she calls herself that as well and always says Miss Ally when asked her name. Her sitter’s husband that she calls papa Lyle has always called all the girls that Myrna watches Miss ___ and Ally is the only one who has taken it in and now refers to herself that way.


On the playful side Ally is so funny, she is very dramatic and very serious too. Right now we are in a Beauty and the Beast phase and she loves Bell. When watching the movie she will put on a dress up outfit and be Bell and act out scenes and I will be numerous characters like, “father”, or “beast” or my personal favorite “king man”. She is actually a very good little actress and she will sing as well and that we know she does well. She never stops impressing me with how talented she is already at age 3!!


I love how she sets up her toys as well, she is so careful and serious and she always adds herself in whatever she is playing. Its funny to listen to her when she plays because the dialog she uses is so real life. I could listen to her and watch her play forever if only i didn’t have to be “king man” all the 


That is Miss Ally, one very dramatic, serious, big attitude, beautiful 3 year old I have.