Saturday, October 29, 2011

Ally Life with a Diva!!

Let’s see, where to start with Miss Ally? For the life of me I can’t figure out why I am having a difficult time deciding what to write about her. I mean come on its Ally!! Also known as Princess, Diva, Miss Attitude, and Beautiful!!

Ally did get to start Pre-K, and she loves it. I like hearing about her days because she tells me so much and about the other kids in her class. Its funny she knows all their names and its almost like waiting to her what gossip she has for me each day. She is very smart and learns a lot at pre-k, everyone said she would do good in school and she does.

She is singing and dancing better all the time, I need to get her in some dance classes and soon!!

003       Ally's first day home from school 004

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Update on The Gavinator

I have been so behind in writing about the kids and for that I am sorry. I do have a new goal to make sure I start writing about them often and keeping it up to date!!

Let’s see, Gavin still has the same likes as before but as you know he will always add to them. So thought I would list a few of the new ones he has.

Any Zombie Game                         Army stuff

thumbnail         can-of-whoopass

Army Guns!!


Gavin is in first grade and he may have had a rough start but he has greatly improved in the last 2 months and even on the honor roll!! Everyone is so proud of him, he even got awards too!! I my be him mom and we moms like to always think the best of our kids and its true but its more a face that Gavin is very smart! Reading is not his best area but he is still getting an A, and math is his best, he will even help others!!

kids and awards 066

Now if you have ever been around Gavin you know he is guaranteed to say something amusing! 

One of the times we had met Ronnie at the Marathon gas station in Macon for them to go with him for the weekend. We were standing outside together all of us and Gavin sees the Hooters sign behind the station and says with excitement “ the donut place”, of all the place to think would have it was very amusing.

The most recent one and funniest to me was when our friends were here the Crawford’s with their two boys Caleb and baby Jenson. Well Jenson had Ally’s Arial doll and was hitting it on the coffee table. Gavin came out and asked Amanda what he was doing and she said “ he’s just playing with Arial”, and I quote Gavin says “ at least he is banging her on the table!!” He was of course very serious when he said it but to us his choice of words just made it epically funny!!

Well that’s if for Gavin now, more to come!!