Sunday, August 29, 2010

Another one from Gavin………..?????

Well, we have seen some of Gavin’s creativeness before with the dead Lego man and bath colors. Well I got him paints for school but turns out they are the wrong ones so I let him use them now, so he was excited and got out is big coloring pages and picked a Thomas one! Well I look over and he had Thomas painted a little blue…ok that’s good, then he had the tracks painted in sections with RED?? hmm??? He asked me if I knew why he painted red, and I said no, then he was like its blood.  I was like Gavin why does it have to be death and he said… get ready for this one….its a new Thomas called “Thomas Mystery of who Killed the Dad?” and he even said starring Thomas and Spencer.  I am not quiet sure how to react with this one???  Oh Gavin…

gavin painting 001    gavin painting 003  gavin painting 005