Friday, December 31, 2010

Being creative for them.

Tonight the kids just seemed itching for something fun or entertaining. I got that because they were running around the living room with a jump rope and an empty bucket in circles.

I got this idea to make them a fort so I went to the storage and got the sides of Ally’s old crib and set them up in the kitchen around the table. I then got some Christmas lights that blink different ways and put them on top and threw blankets over the top to cover it all.

Well they turned the lights off and climbed right in and they love it. They have been going in and out and playing different games too.  They have also been in there just laughing like crazy and I don’t even know at what.

When they first got in, Peter went in too and they didn’t want him in there so I had to keep calling him out but he would go right back in, I thought it was funny.

I just love it when they play so good together! Makes me feel good that they are close and able to play together.  I hope this is one of those times they remember when they get older!  12-31-110 at the park 103