Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Never afraid to ask a question!! Or embarrass her mother!!


Saturday we decide to have some company come over, another army couple with their two boys. The husband Crawford is in the same company as Gary is and his wife and I get along great!

I walk in the living room where Crawford is playing with his son Caleb on the floor with Gavin’s old Thomas trains just in time to hear Ally ask Crawford if he has a winky ? Yes I am not kidding she really asked him that and waited for the answer! Crawford replies “I will let your mommy answer that one” So there I am speechless about this and I have to explain what girls and boys have and that we don’t ask them what they have. Good thing Crawford was quiet amused by this, I don’t think anything can prepare you are the stuff your kids will say or do or ASK in front of company! Just thought I would share this funny with you and will be one to read her later in life~

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