Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My kids say the funniest things!!!

Ok, I think kids say some of the funniest things, as well as some rude stuff because they have no tact.  I have been meaning to write about the kids for awhile now and here recently they have both said some amusing things and I want to share and remember. 

So Gavin, he for the past few months has been really into Veggie Tales. For those of you that don’t know what that is its a show about the talking vegetables and they teach about the Lord and stories from the bible. Its got humor in it and for kids. So the night in the tub I hear Gavin singing a song. “ A msg to the Lord”, that is what he is singing over and over in the bathroom.  Then later he tales me that God loves me and we are all special.  I walked out thinking omg, my son is brain washed by Veggie Tales and he now knows more about God and the bible then me.

2-5-2011 004 

Now the other day, again in the tub I was helping him was his hair and I had just rinsed it and he looks at me and said with a straight face, “ Mommy please don’t take a sleeping pill.” I of course thought this was funny and started laughing and asked him where he heard that. He said he didn’t know.  Didn’t take me long to realize it came from the movie Small Soldiers, in that movie we watched couple night earlier the bad soldier toys put sleeping pills in the parents drinks to make them sleep and I was telling Gavin that’s what it was. So I am assuming it was from that. I swear though it was so funny. 

Now my little Ally. Well she is a hoot and so fun to talk to when she doesn’t have that attitude. I love asking her about her day at Myrna’s she will tell me all what happened too. Tells me all what those bad boys do and how Myrna handles it and she tells it like it is and talks like big girl I love it! 

12-31-110 at the park 045

So the other night I was watching the boys and I had to use the restroom to pee, and Ally came in said she had to as well, I told her to shut the door the boys didn’t need to see my whoohaa ( that is what we call our girl part). She looked at me with that cross face and said “you don’t have a whoohaaa, only girls do” I said yes I do Ally. She again told me I didn’t that she did and I was a mommy, I don’t have one. I asked her what I had then, and she told me that I had a butty! I said Ally I have a whoohaa and a butty like her and she just couldn’t accept that and her her I only had a butty and she has a whoohaa. It was one of those conversations that I smiled but didn’t laugh until it was over. I loved it though. 

So yeah my kids are so funny!!!!!  They really make me laugh and smile everyday! 

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  1. Oh yeah, those kids say the neatest things. I wish we could keep a running recorder of all the things they say.

    I know Gavin told me something a few weeks ago that was hilarious but I can't rememberit now. My grandkids are crazy that way but then I guess I shouldn't be surprised. They do take after their mother. *smiles*

    Love you,